Why are you doing this?

Beardy came to the conclusion, after much experimentation, that there is absolutely no reason why people who are health conscious, or conscientious dieters, should be denied the pleasures of good Indian food. In addition, despite there being a huge variety of delightful vegetarian food available in India, very little of it makes it over the water.  

Why don't you do takeaway?

He also concluded that a) there was no way he could make these traditional, individual dishes in the normal, expected time limits of standard takeaway fare and b) there was no way on this God’s given Earth that he was going to be taking orders from drunkards at one in the morning. 

On his first of many visits to India, one of Beardy's vivid memories is a large sign in the office canteen that read, in big, red, direct capital letters:


This is a truly Indian maxim, given that many, many people struggle to find enough food to eat on a day-to-day basis. One of the biggest issues in any food business in the UK is WASTE - to our knowledge it is still true that 20-40% (that's right, between a quarter and a half) of the food that we buy in this country goes into the bin.

So, by producing dishes for freezing, thereby knowing exactly how much of the raw ingredients are needed, Beardy can avoid needless wastage, and plough the savings made back into worthwhile projects. For example, Beardy supports ASHA North Staffordshire:

making food for refugees and asylum seekers who are struggling to make ends meet.

Why are all your dishes vegan?

Why not? Vegans and vegetarians get a bad time of it, often left with ‘the vegetarian option’. Honestly, there’s only so many goat’s cheese filo wraps you can eat, and vegans have an even harder time (in their case, would it simply be a filo wrap, hold the cheese?). There’s (quite literally) no harm done.

How do you calculate your nutritional information?

Where possible, we take the information about ingredients straight from the packaging. This is supplemented with information from excellent sources of nutritional data such as Calorie King and SELF Nutrition Data. Hence the ‘approximate’ disclaimer on all our nutrition cards. This data is fed into a wonderfully complex spreadsheet, which adds all the ingredient information up then divides by the number of portions. We do not include nutritional information from herbs and spices other than garlic and ginger (though this doesn’t, of course, include salt, which is carefully controlled and factored into the Sodium content). 

You list the Slimming World Syns, but only as a guide?

Yep. For understandable reasons, because they can’t be certain they are correct, Slimming World are very wary of companies presenting Syn information as fact; any errors would be a misrepresentation to their loyal customers. However, in order to help Third Ghee customers manage their diets, we list Syns per portion as calculated using the online Syning tools. We do encourage customers to check these listings to ensure their accuracy by using the detailed nutritional information provided for each dish.

I have allergies. How do I know I can trust what I'm eating?

If you are concerned about what goes into our curries, please do visit our Allergies section. BeardTube also shows you exactly what goes in. These videos are published on our Facebook page too. Whenever a dish has any of the most common allergens, we will always label it clearly, but if you wish to be sure please do contact us and we will do our level best to cater for you.

I have another question that's not listed here.

Great! Please do contact us by any of the available means. We will cheerfully answer your query and add it to the list of FAQs.




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